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A. D. Khakhaev (1937—2011)

The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (FMP) was organized at the time of the creation of Petrozavodsk State University in 1940.

Already in the 1950s, scientific research and training was carried out in optics and physical electronics, in particular, the theory and methodology for experimental research of gas-discharge plasma of industrial objects: light sources, lasers, gas-discharge switching devices were developed.

By 1969, it became clear that such experiments required the collection and processing of such a large amount of data that it was impossible to carry them out without the use of automation tools. The department's team was one of the first in Russia to begin developing such tools for experiments in the field of physical electronics. Since then, dozens of automated installations, operating under the control of all generations of computers used since then, up to modern personal computers, have been created at the department and implemented at industrial enterprises and scientific institutions (including medical ones). These developments were awarded VDNKh medals and protected by a number of copyright certificates.

In 1977, the Department of Physical Electronics was created at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. The founder of the department, its first head was Anatoly Diamidovich Khakhaev, professor, PhD.

In 1986, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided into two independent faculties — mathematics and physics. Associate Professor Valery Alekseevich Gurtov became the dean of the Faculty of Physics. In 1988, the first intake for the specialty “physical electronics” took place at the faculty. Immediately in 1989, the Department of Electronic and Ionic Devices was formed (head of the department - Professor Yulian Davydovich Khromoy, PhD), subsequently transformed into the Department of Electronics and Electric Power Engineering. Heads of the department: since 1992 — Professor Georgy Andreevich Dyuzhev, PhD, since 1996 — Professor Valery Ivanovich Sysun, PhD, then — Associate Professor Alexander Andreevich Tikhomirov, PhD.

В 1988 году на факультете прошёл первый набор на специальность «физическая электроника». Сразу же в качестве выпускающей для студентов этой специальности на базе отраслевой научно-исследовательской лаборатории «Физики мощных импульсных токов в газах» в 1989 году была организована кафедра электронных и ионных приборов (КЭиИП). Кафедру возглавил доктор технических наук профессор Юлиан Давыдович Хромой. В 1992 году КЭиИП возглавил доктор физико-математических наук профессор Георгий Андреевич Дюжев. С 1996 года по 2018 гг. кафедру возглавлял доктор физико-математических наук профессор Валерий Иванович Сысун. За это время она успела объединиться с кафедрой промышленной теплотехники и энергосбережения (в 2005 г.) под именем кафедры энергетики и электроники и в 2007 г. разделиться вновь на кафедру энергообеспечения предприятий и энергосбережения и кафедру электроники и электроэнергетики (КЭиЭ). С 2018 года КЭиЭ возглавляет кандидат физико-математических наук доцент Александр Андреевич Тихомиров.

In 1994, the department changed its name to DIMSPE (Department of Information and Measurement Systems and Physical Electronics). Since 2010, the department has been headed by Professor Genrikh Boleslavovich Stefanovich, PhD, and since 2017 - Associate Professor Natalya Yuryevna Ershova, PhD.

In 2023, the mentioned departments were merged, and the Department of Information and Measuring Systems, Electronics and Automation was formed (DIMSEA). The head of the department is Associate Professor Alexander Andreevich Tikhomirov, PhD.